Cicadas... They're Here!!!


Cicadas... They Are Here!

it is intriquing 
the cicadas evoke a strong emotion
there are clearly two camps
people either love them or hate them

the whole process is so fascinating to me
nature and all of its splendor right in front of us
a lifecycle as curious as that of the Butterfly or the Jellyfish

this is the year of Brood X
the Year of the 17 Year Cicada

in much of the Mid-Atlantic these interesting little creatures are waking from their 17 year slumber and crawling to the surface
all over there are hundreds and hundreds of little holes revealing the path that the individual cicadas crawled from beneath the surface to then climb up trees and molt into the next stage of their lifecycle

or at least curious or fascinating!

each day as I walk my dog I try to better understand the pattern of these curious creatures
where are the greatest concentration of cicadas?
do they like the deep forrest or the neighborhoods?
where do they thrive?
where do they suffer?

the song or songs?
to me... that techno chorus that hums high in the sky and in the background of our day is awesome 
to me it is wonderful 
it amuses me the great number of people who do not care for this spectacular event 

it is the marvel of nature 
there are far more benefits than harm

what? too noisy?
what is the worse that happens... you need to wipe your feet before going in the house because you may have crushed a few? maybe you might need to sweep your sidewalk or patio?

I say... if you do not care for them... just give them space
they will be gone soon enough 

as said...
I am of the camp that is intrigued by the cicadas
excited by the cicadas
amused by the cicadas

to me this is a wonderful event to experiece
something to mark time with
something to yearn to experience again

hopefully I will be alive in 17 years to experience this phenomena again! 

Cicadas are benign...
harmless to humans!
harmless to our pets!
and a huge benefit to the world they exist in 
their crawling out of the ground will create ways for air, water, and maybe even seeds to go into the previously compressed soil
the cicadas are food for the animals around us
allowing birds to focus on the cicada snacks... perhaps allowing other insects and plants to thrive as they are less of a concern
and then the bodies
the bodies are rich in nutrients and will fertilize the soil when they die
it all seems good to me

Cicadas are here now... but soon they will be gone!
so... if you love them... love them while they are here!
if you hate them... just ignore them... they will be gone soon enough!

here is a great video

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