eBikes... eBikes are not bicycles


I really have no problem with eBikes per se
I do find that I have more near misses with eBike riders than people on bicycles
that is not entirely my issue...

the eBike is a great car alternative
but... the eBike is not a bicycle
when a motor is put on a bicycle
that vehicle becomes a motorcycle

so... I just want there to be an understanding that these vehicles are not the same
well.. I would like there to be some separation
at least in idea

I can see a thousand uses for the ebike...
parents with young children using the eCargo Bikes instead of their SUV
but... it is not a bicycle

why not a bicycle?

I get it...
pedaling up hill can suck!
but why not a bicycle?

my biggest grip
the eBike steals a bicycle future
people will migrate from the bicycle to the eBike option
cost and space limitations will force people to make a choice
and sadly... many will choose the power assist of the eBike

I have a bit of an anti eBike stance
it is part in jest
but... it is also in frustration
I see people booking on these motorized vehicles 
so often the cranks are not turning
just cruising at the power of the motor
not very bike if you ask me

is it a fad or is it the future?

the Moped came and went...
what will happen with the eBike?

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