The Doors and The Shed...


the shed in the back yard needed some TLC
there was a massive hole in the roof
and... well...
the shed was too small for much more than the lawn mower and a few tools...

there was an incomplete foundation set for a larger foot print for a shed
so... I figured instead of just fixing the shed's issues
I would increase the functionality of the shed by increasing its size!

an old friend had posted on Facebook about a shed project he had just completed
we talked... he said that he could help me with my shed for pizza and beer
estimated two weeks... well... has taken longer than two weeks
but has not cost me much more than pizza and beer
things are really moving along 

not moving along as rapidly as I would like
but I think that is the nature of construction
build estimates for time and cost are usually lofty ambitons
things tend to take longer and cost more than anticipated

this project is no different...
sure... coating the exterior in doors has saved a buck
yet there are still many building supplies that need to be purchased
and right now... there is a spike in building material costs

this is Memorial Day Weekend... raining now...
would have like to have had a socially distance gathering with some friends by the completed shed this weekend
but alas no... the shed project is still not yet finished
looking great... getting closer... but still pretty far off

which brings me to the question...

Do you have any old doors that you want to donate to my shed project?

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