The Upshaws on Netflix... Season One...


The Upshaws on Netflix

liking Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps had me thinking I would give this show a try
starting things up... I saw an adult Tootie
Tootie from The Facts of Life
the show with the theme song by Allan Thicke

who is Alan Thicke?
Robin Thicke's dad?

so... The Upshaws amused me
I was entertained enough to enter binge mode and stay up later than my bedtime
things progressed along
mixing comedy with social commentary

then there was a bit of a plot change
in the husband and wife relationship there began issues
there had always been issues
but the issues were bubbling

I saw some parallels to my marriage that ended some years ago
the wife\mother displayed behaviors that reminded me of my ex
the comedy started to lose some of its appeal as it became too real for me
no... I did not turn it off... I watched on

but to see the wife\mother feel resentful of her husband's successes in parenting and bonding with his children hit too close to home... well.. my previous home

it is TV
more than likely... there will be a happy ending

I am divorced and the drama continues

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