ah... I really have no dog in this fight... B-CC and its antiquated Mascot...


Petition to Change the B-CC Mascot

B-CC aka Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School has the "Battlin' Baron" as their mascot
it is a mascot that is reminiscent of the fighting Irish of Notre Dame
not sure how this mascot was selected
honestly... the school colors or the mascot were not that important to me as a student in the '80's
not sure why I would care as an adult

people care
people care much more than I do
people care
much more than I would have ever expected 

yet here were are...
this is what many are calling "Cancel Culture"
well... I am not offended by the mascot or the notion of changing the mascot
and as far as "cancel culture" goes... I think that there are many things that are ready to be canceled or at least modified\changed

my older son is a graduate and my younger son is a junior at Wilson High School in NW Washington DC
Wilson High School recently changed their name
Wilson High School was named after the former President Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson was a segregationist
and well...
Wilson is a culturally diverse institution
so... it was felt that the name was not fitting

they changed the name of Wilson HS to Wilson HS
keeping the name but altering the namesake
rather than Woodrow Wilson... now the school is named for August Wilson 
sort of like my DC street being Quackenbos...
they just needed a three syllable Q name... no historical significance to anyone name Quackenbos

so... Wilson looked for someone named Wilson who fit the bill...
or at least that is my take
keep Wilson Alumni happy with Wilson remaining Wilson
while removing the negative association with racism 

WaPo Article about Wilson HS Name Change


I have B-CC Pride from my high school experience...
but the Mascot or the school colors have nothing to do with that emotion
I do not bleed Blue and Gold
the mascot change has no effect on me


the Wilson HS name change is subtle but entirely justified 
and well...
I think it makes reasoning for valuable conversations while also allowing people to maintain their association with the Old Wilson and the NEW Wilson high school

DC PS has Served our Family Well!

Thank You Washington DC for being my home and for creating an environment that my boys have been able to thrive in...

as far as "cancel culture" goes
well... I agree that many things need to change
somethings are long over due!