Golf... Disc Golf... Frisbee Golf!


Monday... Memorial Day Weekend!

oh man... as this three day weekend approached I thought...
Triple Crown?
Is Memorial Day weekend the three day weekend where the messenger community hosts its Triple Crown?
that would be messenger Races in neighboring cities...

I think that the Triple Crown Usually includes Philly, Richmond, and DC...
but not this year

Triple Crown mention on the Gwadzilla Page

well...  the weekend approached faster than expected
I had thought that I might host an Alleycat
I did not present the idea to the DC Bike Messenger Association DCBMA
and then...
that notion passed

before the weekend started I got a text from Bruce
Bruce is a long time DC Messenger
Bruce has a love for many things
Disc Golf is one of those things


Bruce sent out the invite to meet up for some golf on Memorial Day
10 am meet up Calvert Park Road Disc Golf Course in College Park

this course roughly a half hour bicycle ride from my house
but I would drive so I could bring my dog

Didg is a good dog and can hang out while we play a few holes of golf

so... normally I play disc golf with an Ultimate Frisbee
and well... I have a long history of doing pretty okay with a standard disc
sort of like riding a single speed with someone on a full suspension bike
but on this day I decided to try the golf disc 

my old friend Peter Wilborn have a long history of playing frisbee together
for years Peter has tried to influence my golf game by gifting golf discs to me
and well...
the discs gather but I never use them
well... I decided that on this day I would try to use the golf disc

so...  I drove over to College Park with the dog
showed up a few minutes late... but pretty close to 10
all the players were already at the tee and ready to play
the score card would include - Bruce, DannyK, a kid named Joe, and Chris P aka Step Dad

the play would be unscored... accept by the individual for the individual
it would not be a contest or a competition
it would be a get together and a game
that said... we all threw our best and I kept a tally of my score 

after a few warm up tosses... I figured I would try to learn how to throw a golf disc

to avoid some of the morning golf crowd we started on the back 9
teeing off I heard some advice from everyone on how to throw the disc
I spoke out and said... that I was gonna try something

I was not sure how the small weighted disc would respond to my angled shot
I threw the disc high and away... thinking it would drop towards the hole
it was amazing
the frisbee did exactly as I had intended
the small pink disc went far and away at an aggressive angle
then cut back and dropped towards the basket

then it happened!
the disc hit the ground just a few feet from the basket and skipped up
the angle was perfect for the skip rather than just dropping to the ground
the little pink disc skipped up and slammed into the chains of the basket

what a great way to start the day!
I should have packed my bag and gone home just then
as it would not get any better than that!

the day went on to be a struggle...
never quite getting the small firm golf discs to do what I intended them to do
my drives were decent in distance... but not any further than I think I could huck an Ultimate disc

I started strong... but could not finish strong...
shot Par for most of the day
with a few flubs... ended up 6 over par
not better than I would shoot with a standard disc
but... I figure once I learn how to use a golf disc I will get some consistency

and well...
as they say
"drive for show... putt for dough"
I need to work on my putting game!

good times!
Thanks Bruce for the Invite!

then went home and did an afternoon road ride
an Alleycat would have been nice
but Disc Golf with friends is not a bad option

Alleycat on the Gwadzilla Page

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