Lights Equal Life... Get a Light...


when riding a bicycle at night it is important to have a bicycle light...
there are lights to see
there are lights to be seen

how much light?
how much light is too much?

I am not certain... but I think Knog was the innovator of the neoprene lights with the flat watch batteries
these are essentially disposable
which is\was not good
I tried ordering sleeves or replacement batteries 
that did not always go as planned

it seems that Knog has moved away from that design and focuses more on USB rechargeable systems
they have a good number of wonderful light options
and the USB rechargeable system is not just better for the environment... but better for the user...

when a cyclist puts lights on their bike I feel that there should be one test
that person should pedal straight towards a mirror and see what those coming at them see
too many lights are TOO bright
the red flashing tail lights can be so bright that they give those behind them a migraine
then there are lights on the front of the bike that should be pointed to the ground in front of the rider rather than in the face of the oncoming cyclist


Knog Lights