The Atlantic Building... the name of the building is The Atlantic Building... the Old 930 Club location was a check point in the Dead City Alleycat

The Atlantic Building as I knew it in my youth... the Old 9:30 Club
more images there

above is the same address present day
J. Crew in the spot of the Old 9:30 Club?
that is as bad as DC Space becoming a Starbucks

one question on the manifest that stumped a number of people was...

"What Building is in between 920 and 950 F Street NW?"
this is the location of the Old 930 Club

this is the Atlantic Building

The 930 Club hooked the race up with a handful of 202 DC Statehood Shirts
Thanks 930

lots of people put J. Crew
others took a selfie

lesson learned...
buildings have names

the image below was on the manifest as a Fill In the Blank Hint...

sorry so many people missed this question...
but the Incomplete\DQ made for faster scoring