Blood Sweat and Steel... Skateboarding at Cedar Crest Documentary

there were things happening around me in my youth that I felt were interesting and dynamic
just as I am intrigued by the DC Hardcore Punk music scene
the courier culture of that era amuses me
as does the skateboard scene

in the late 80's there was as steel skateboard ramp tucked in the woods on the land of a country club in northern virgina
it was not my scene
there was an overlap of the skate scene with the DC music and messenger scene
which had me aware of this sub culture

Blood Sweat and Steel is a documentary about this ramp

there is always room for another documentary
just as everyone who climbs Everest gets to write a book about their journey
there is always room for another perspective on a moment of time
such as in the case of the DC punk scene
the top three documentaries on this topic are not enough

I feel that the Cedar Crest Skateboard scene has more stories to be told
Hounddog Productions did not back up the taps
Mark McDonald was an EPIC skater of that era!
when Mark was not skating he was filming

Mark filmed Everything.
all those tapes are long gone
the keepers of those tapes are each both long gone

where is the Toke Team documentary?
what about something about Bob Blair?

oh... there was a short documentary about one time DC messenger\Cedar Crest Skater Tim Whistler
Tim Whistler aka Puker