Mike's Bikes in Southern Maryland...

Mike's Bikes in Lexington, Park Maryland

another "mom and pop" bicycle business
this one is a little less metropolitan
Mike's Bikes is in St Mary's County
Lexington Park Maryland... not far from St. Mary's college of Maryland

Mike Schwartz is a tough read...
as a student at SMC I had a number of brushes with Mike
but... we did not see eye to eye
I was young and head strong
and well... Mike Schwartz was Mike Schwartz

over the past many years since graduating I have come to learn a very different perspective of Mike Schwartz
not only is Mike Schwartz a small business owner
but Mike is a loving caring member of the community
each year Mike Schwartz runs food give aways for those who are less fortunate

beautiful... an amazing selfless effort

FACEBOOK Page with information about donation or volunteer options for Mikes Food Fund

if you are local to the area... support his local business
buy your bicycle or bicycle accessories there
get your bicycle repaired\tuned up there
if bikes are not your thing
Mike's Bikes has an excellent selection of Frisbee Golf Discs

if you have the resources to assist with the Turkey Give Away
volunteer or donate!

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