Safety is Sexy...

yes... Safety is Sexy!

helmets are an interesting riddle...
there have been studies claiming that wearing a helmet effects how car drivers behave around cyclists inversely to how one would expect
and well...
people just do not like to wear helmets

helmet tend to look uncool...
not as uncool as lying in a coma in ICU... but uncool

as a father I stressed the helmet
this was easy with the kids in my shadow
but as the kids grew to be teens... well... out of view
they do what they do
and well... I hope that they wear helmets when then ride
sadly... the drivers license is a killer of the young person's use of the bike

yes... helmets all around
ice skating... skateboarding... sledding... skiing
and of course cycling
you name it... if there was a high chance of head trauma... I forced the use of a helmet

I wear a helmet...
I lead by example with my children
it is not just what I say... it is also what I do...
wear a helmet
make your children wear helmets
wear a helmet when in an activity which you demand that your child wears a helmet
consistency is key

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