Thanksgiving Break with Dean... home from Syracuse for the long weekend...

older son Dean is back from Syracuse for the long Thanksgiving weekend...
so amazing to see my young son growing and changing
with a blink of an eye
seems like yesterday he was on training wheels

did a quick loop around the city
Dean suggested Rock Creek Park
I thought we could get a taste of the city
maybe see some things he had not seen in some time

we pointed north then dipped onto the paved trails
Sligo Creek to the Northwest Branch Trail
onto the Anacostia River Trail
into the city
then city streets towards home

Dean soft pedaled his fixed gear as I over spun my fat tire mountain bike
it was a bit of a mismatch
but... with the Achilles injury
the mountain bike seems like the bike of choice

as we passed various monuments and museums memories
in my mind I could picture school field trips and family bike rides

transposing the image of small Dean into my brain as I see adult size Dean right in front of me

then also...
the Government buildings evoke memories from days as a messenger
then also all the days as an IT Guy for CBS News
all this corridors in these Federal Buildings
I walked so many of those halls in a pre and post 9-11 world

ah... the contrast...
these once public buildings are more than likely now nearly "invite only"

not much about my CBS work life on the blog

so many memories...
then... from the memories of CBS News
onto memories of working at the Smithsonian
ah... the museum's

it was great