I do not feel that discussing Trans Issues makes a person Trans Phobic... although may people are Trans Phobic


Peace to the LGBTQ Community...
Especially the Trans Community.
I know that there are all sorts of discussions about Trans Women in Sports due to the success of Lia Thomas in collegiate swimming...
Sorry that so many of the discussions are filled with scorn and hate... rather than questions, empathy, and understanding
Society should want to be Inclusive... but society should also want to be fair... we should want this to be fair for all competitors
Fair to both the trans athlete and the female competitors
Please carry this discussions on with dignity and pride
just as we want to be empathetic to the female athletes
we need to be just as empathetic of the transgender athletes
the discussion does not need to be trans phobic
discuss this topic with the love, care, and concern as if the trans athlete were your sister, your daughter, or your friend...