I no longer talk to my father... not sure if he even realizes this

 I don't think he knows this
he does not often reach out to me
my father gathers with my sons and my ex wife with no consideration of me
it hurts
this is my reality

no rationalizing with a Narcissist 

when my father turned 81 and my ex wife gathered with my kids and my brother and his family... well... that was the last straw... I was done... I guess I will see him at his funeral... 

somehow years ago in the divorce my ex wife aligned himself with my father
like a scene from King Lear
I felt as if I did not need to compete for the love of my aging father
then it happened... sad and predictable
he was manipulated by the soft voice of a woman... the blue eyes... the blonde hair... 

no logic
no reason
no ability to put himself into a hypothetical situation
oh... he is divorced
he is in a very similar situation
how could he not transpose how family treated him in divorce and how he treated family in divorce 


he and other progressed forward
it is an atypical situation

for every Holiday... every Birthday Party... every backyard bbq... 
my ex wife Lisa is there... and I am not invited

my family was played
my ex wife does not like them that much
she just wanted to be in the room and keep me out
and well
she succeeded

they can have each other... I did not enjoy being in that room
and well
if I had to be in that room with my ex wife... then the hosts do not understand the dynamics of divorce
arrogant assholes

simple logic...
simple reason...

the cast of characters win this play acted in a ways that they would never allow others to act towards them...

I was fine with my father cutting me out of his will... sure I could use the money... but that was not what I wanted
Sure... I was fine with my family continuing to have a relationship with my ex wife... but I did not expect them to try and make me attend every gathering with her in the room

I made a play... HER OR ME... they chose her... and well... that is what they get...

I have missed out on a few free meals... but not much else