Wednesday at Wakefield is GOING TO HAPPEN THIS SUMMER!!! But more than likely not for me...

the word on the electronic streets (Social Media)
is that Bike Lane will be hosting Wednesday at Wakefield in the Summer of 2022

a return to normalcy!!!
for many... more than likely not for me
I will still be recovering from my Achilles injury

although I can ride...
racing is another story
we will see as the summer approaches

I would hate to re-injure this leg
in fact
I need to step up my PT

so many great memories from Wakefield over the years...

riding... racing... hanging...

rivals and friends!

more friendships made than rivalries 

yes... Wakefield
the Summer Softball League for Mountain Bikers!

so many memories for me at W@W

for years I would try to get my sons out to as many Wakefield races as I could
those memories are strong for me
those memories are strong for them as well
they are each competitive rowers
but they learned much about competition from these events

intensity... efforts... focus...
pre-race anxiety
the joy of the event when it is completed
and they too made friends at these events

this is where we get to learn to race...
passing... the value of good passing

mark your calendars
my thought...
with people missing racing
and then also
with so many people working remotely

Wednesday at Wakefield should have some good potential for Competition and Camaraderie 


I will miss it if I miss it...