awkward... over stepping?

years and years ago...
maybe post divorce
but not the total post divorce break up
the situation was a de-evolution

((there was the falling out... the separation... the divorce... the keeping of the separation agreement... the civil period... the de-evolution... the decline.... the complete divorce years into the divorce))

things got worse
worse and worse
then a little worse... as things often do in these situations

that is divorce

marriage is marriage
so what would one expect of divorce

that is the transfer of power

oh... power
money... power...

power and the concept of overstepping 

one time when the kids were little, early teens I had them ride their bikes to my father's house
the boys love the autonomy
it is scary... parenting is scary... all parents worry about their kids
my kids were wild... maybe I worried a little more
worry with reason

it is important to "let the dog off the leash"
it is important to let the dog be a dog
and well... kids are no different

the kids were may be 12 and 14? not sure... years ago
so... Dean and Grant rode their bikes to Bethesda from my house in DC
then as afternoon approached there was the threat of afternoon storms
my step mother refused to let them ride their bicycles home
I feel that she was over stepping

I am the father
sure... I respect her care... I respect her concern...
it was less than a chess match
she was not negotiating 
she decided
the kids were there... she was not letting them leave her house on the bikes

it never rained that afternoon
but I did have to pick up my boys

that is a metaphor for my situation with my step mother and my family

a clear example of over stepping


peace to all who had wonderful step parent situations
mine... less than pleasant
that person in my life never brought me a smile
nothing buy pain

her upbringing was fcked up
so she was fcked up
she was incredibly smart
more than likely on the spectrum

so... I cut her some slack
but not really
abuse is abuse
no matter if that person does not know any better

I do not talk to my step mother
my lack of relationship with my father is IN PART due to my step mother