strange twisted story... sad... with a weird sidebar...

Three die in head-on collision in Stafford County
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always sad when people die in a car crash
especially those outside of the car
this was a head on collision

this is entirely random

I heard that this accident happen from one of my neighbors

totally random
beyond random

an elderly gentleman on my block had told me that his son's wife had been killed in a car accident
when this was dropped on me
I was on the phone dealing with the death of my ex wife... the mother of my children
so... I was not able to give my neighbor the time he deserved

then a week or so later I see this same man
not in the alley behind his house
but out front
I am headed back home from walking my dog

seeing him get out of his car I break in with
"so you were telling me that your son's wife had died recently"

then it all unfolds
the randomness
and then the oddity
and then the well
the awkwardness

like David F-ing Copperfield this man pulls an larger than life color flyer from the funeral ceremony of the woman who was a passenger in the car that swerved head on killing the driver of the other car as well as themselves and this here passenger
there are photos of the family

the young woman had a daughter
in one of the shots is a young man
it is the son of my neighbor
the similarity is obvious... when I mention that... my neighbor jokes that they all look alike...

our tone is casual
while I am trying to be respectful
seeing it real
but respectful 

this neighbor tells me a lead in to the accident
how his son had been in the car with the driver... but there was some dispute... an argument about how this guy was driving
then his wife gets in the passenger seat and they speed off

my neighbor has not talked to his son in 25 years
I am not sure how old his son is
it is not clear to me what the history is

there is some backstory of foreshadowing
Monday morning quarterback?
maybe things are as I was told

this young man beefed with his friend about driving out of control
then why does his wife get in the car
where where they going?
why was this person driving like this?

love triangle?

the car speeds off... not much time passes and the husband is wondering why they have not returned yet
so he gets in his car and head out to find his wife and friend
not far from home there are flashing lights
cars are stopped
police are on the scene

there he is
at the accident
where his wife
the mother of his child has just died


now that is not really the story

as I said... this kid resembled his father greatly

at the service someone asked who this elderly gentleman was
then the young man interjected... "that is my father"

enough on this
it just got a little awkward when my neighbor tried to engage his grand daughter and his son politely interjected simply saying, "I am not ready to have you meet my daughter"

my neighbor being the father in the situation saw himself as the protagonist
we do not always get to be the protagonist in the story

I sided with the son... 
did not have enough time to debate with my friend
he did not seem to want to listen
oh well

25 Years?