tough moment for my boys... their mother has passed away... their mother my ex-wife...

marriage is marriage...
divorce is divorce.

they say it is wrong to speak ill of The Dead... JERRY SUCKS!

sorry... I do not know that rule
facts are facts... truth is truth...
we did what we did
no need to candy coat it when we are gone

she was my girlfriend
she was my lover
she became my wife
then she became the mother of my children

time passed as time does

we fell out of love
we grew apart
we got separated and then we got divorced
then it got ugly
or should I say
then she got ugly

divorce much like marriage is not bad on the first day
it is a de-evolution 
it was not immediate... but it happened fast
the woman who was once my best friend became my enemy

even with a divorce agreement and settlement parameters
it all fell apart

not enough time or energy to go into details

just as my wife worked hard to make my day pleasant
my ex wife worked hard to may my day unpleasant

not enough time or energy to go into details

so... I cried for this woman
I cried more than most people would feel that a man should cry
it hurt
it hurt to lose that relationship... it hurt to see my nuclear family dissolve... it hurt to be blocked out of my children's lives... it hurt to be blocked out of family gatherings 
it hurt
that was her goal... to hurt me... she achieved her goal 

when the cancer diagnosis came through... I rushed to her side
for a few weeks... I heard the tone of the voice of the person who once was
but that did not last long
I digress as she regressed 

I may have studied Psychology in college but I am not Psychologist 
in my opinion... bitches be crazy
and this bitch... bat shit crazy
Pop Culture showed us Amber Heard
she was my Amber Heard
yet so many believe the lies
too many people believe the lies

it is awkward
the calls... the emails... the text messages...
the false claims in that Hallmark message
that tag line... "if there is ANYTHING I can do... just ask"
I do not want these canned messages of condolences 
especially with the false claim that these people would become my servant if I were to ask
no one is mowing my lawn... painting my house... cleaning my gutters or anything else...

Cancer Sucks!
Fck Cancer!

It is sad when anyone dies young...
it is tragic when any child loses their mother...
my loss was years ago
yes... I have moments of reflection and sadness, but for the most part... a black cloud is lifted from above
not to be boastful... this is my reality
not the reality I choose... the reality I stumbled into

here were are
all of us a bit confused
where does this leave us?


Peace to all who knew and loved Lisa Joy Woods
May the world care and protect her two boys Dean and Grant

my boys loved their mother very much
she loved them
it was a special relationship
Lisa was Special... that is why I married her
time changed that relationship... she was still special... just not to me... especially mean\cruel\and unfair

there was no obituary for Lisa Joy Woods
but this Washington Post Article acted as a death announcement