Beastie Boys cover Minor Threat's "Screaming at a Wall"

I am damaged... I am hurt...
in a somewhat defenseless situation in certain aspects of my life
I try to reach out and control other aspects of my life
often wasting time and energy

every day I have near misses with car drivers
their behavior puts my life at risk

but there is no logic or reason that can have these people see their wrong
so often... these people are unable to see their contribution to the equation

two days ago...
I was rolling in the bike lane past a DC PS
a parent was pulling out of their parking space
and stopped half way in the bike lane just as I was approaching
I had to swerve around to not collide with her car
and well... I flipped her off

she then pulled out and tried to pin me and my bicycle against parked cars
I had to dip back and go around the other side
she again tried to swerve to hit me
we had words
I told her that she was "ignorant... aggressive... dangerous..."
all while she mouthed off at me and steered her SUV towards me

there was traffic... I rolled forward

in her mind... she had stopped for me
yes... she did stop before hitting me
but... to claim "I STOPPED"
would be like kids did in grade school... when the walk past someone and fake a punch to the face... stopping short of connecting... and then saying... "YOU FLINCHED"
true... she did not hit me
that would be the same as a child saying to the other child... "but I did not hit you"

this woman most certainly went home and retold this story with her as the protagonist
there is no getting the common driver to look in the mirror and witness their wrong doings

so I moved on..

talking with this person is LIKE SCREAMING AT A WALL

I am trying to go CONFLICT FREE this month

these episodes are not productive

I just need to ignore the cars that almost kill me
the HONKIES who honk at me
everyone just needs to be accepted and ignored
standing up to them is not changing their behavior