Some Art by my mom... 1972... from when I was a small child...


just a few pieces of art by my mother...

she could draw... paint.. sculpt... write...

not sure if my father understood\respected her art

I sort of get it...

the parents need to parent and bring in money
so... he did not get her having a passion
he did little to support her love of art
in marriage I am not sure if there is always the spousal support that one would expect or want of their partner

my father was not wired for such

my father was what he was

more of a company man than a family man
which is fine
but do not have a family than
he was drawn towards his career and repelled from his family
that said...
unhappy marriages just might be what causes the 90 Hour Work Week in Japan

from where I stand...
my father had two "failed" marriages
well... failed is not the right word
but that is the word people use
he is still knee deep in his second marriage
a relationship I would not wish on anyone 

that said... 
my father and his wife were made for each other
let them be miserable together 

as a hobby cyclist
there were years where I would race on weekends
my wife allowed this behavior
she did little to support or embrace it

there was little care, concern, or support in my hobbies
I was not alone in this
it was not the partnership I wanted
but as I looked around me
other people racing their bikes did not have a partner who acted as their cheerleader

that said...
I am not sure if I was always the cheerleader that my partner needed
but I tried
I would like to think I tried

I would like to think that I tried to help my partner/wife to be the best person she could be

with my ex-wife being dead
I guess I can claim anything I want without rebuttal

BEST HUSBAND EVER ((Wink Wink Wink))

I tried.. 
I was not perfect... she was not perfect...

marriage is tough
especially when you grow up without healthy modeling in front of you

it saddens me the cycle continues
that my two sons did not have ANY good examples of what LOVE and MARRIAGE should be
all of the couples around them have much of the same dysfunction