Thanksgiving Memories... I am trying to create positive memories... if not for me... for my sons.

ah... family.

my boys and their cousins

as a young child as a family pre divorce we would travel for the Christmas Holiday to suburban Chicago to gather with family
it was in those moments that my young cousin Jon coined the phrase
"you are our SPECIAL friends"

it is true... cousins are like brothers
only with less fighting
it is potentially a special relationship

all the boys are back from college
the NYC cousins came down to DC for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Great to Get the Kids Together!

I set up two bonfires in the back
not sure why
but the kids all ditched the bonfire for my bedroom
it was cleaned up a little
but not really presentable for my nephews
or my sons

oh well... no blood no foul

with the day behind me...
I like to think that it was job well done
my mother and I teamed up
we co hosted Thanksgiving at my house
it was chaotic... but it was done

I think my boys had a good time
which means... success
as it is not really about me
it has never been about me

the smiles... the laughter

we reminisced about gatherings past
they laughed 
I really just passed through 

it was good

there was a semi annual Thanksgiving Football game
the history of this game is unclear
but in any case
I did not attend
not sure... but I think my boys failed to attend as well

that is a story for another day

I tried to do my part...

was it Mission Accomplished?

I think it went well enough
if I cancel out the memory of Buster the Dog
oh... I can not do that until my Achilles heals from his toothless bite 
funny... any other dog treated me like that... I would have put on my boots and put that that pup through the uprights
but really
I was not so much scared of the dog, but of my sister
she is much more scary than Buster the dog
she has all her teeth and well... she is a tad more mean

Good Times!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry if I called my sister mean...
well... if the choices are Mean or Nice... 
she would agree... she is not nice
and well
if she is not mean... she is at least unfair and inconsistent which may be more selfishness than meanness
it has a mean byproduct 

oh well...

hopefully she does not read this
but honestly
she knows the truth
she knows she is mean
she knows she is selfish
she knows she is unfair
that is who she is
how could she not know who she is?

I know who I am
I know what I am rude or cruel
so should others