Dario Martinez' Pupusa Party Alleycat! DONE!!!

last month Dario threw the much anticipated Pupusa Party Alleycat!

Dario and I had talked about things through the planning stages
it was to be Dario's first Alleycat and he was excited to throw a killer event
the specifics were unknown to me...  I knew it was going to be PUPUSA THEMED!

But really... What is a Pupusa Party Alleycat?

RACE REPORT: Dario Martinez' Pupusa Party Alleycat 

Pupusa Party Alleycat!?!?!? 
it was known to me that it was going to be a Pupusa Themed Alleycat... 
but what did that mean?
I know what a Pupusa is... but what is a Pupusa Party Alleycat?

I also knew it was late fall... the days were getting colder and shorter
how would this day play out?
would Mother Nature show favor on this day?
fingers were crossed for a good day
it did not have to be the heat and humidity that goes along with summer sunshine
but it could not be rainy and cold as fall and winter can often deliver

Saturday November 19th I arrived at Logan Circle
I was greeted by warmth sunshine and a cluster of 30 or so racers and another dozen or more people just hanging out\volunteering
so far... so good...

but... what would the day have in store for us?

not wanting to stand around in the cold I did not show up early for registration
instead I showed up closer to the race start time...  it was nearing 2:30 the stated race time as I rolled into the park

paid my five bucks
got my name on the list
hung out and caught up with racers and friends
snapped a few photos with my camera settings all wrong
but really... the excitement of the race stole my ability to focus

who was racing? who was just hanging out?
who was in attendance? who was absent on this day?


trying to recall the details of the day is difficult
this is true of any race
the day is detail filled
yet those details fade quickly

instead of a thousand memories the brain only retains a few
imagine our brain capacity if we remember ever moment of every day?

so... normally I try to start the RACE REPORT the next day or days after the event
then I would do a few edits
but here I am weeks after the race and not exactly in Blog mode
now... I am lucky if I get one pass
First Draft and Final Draft are often one in the say

then get on with my day
in part... back when I blogged I watched the metrics
I spent way longer writing articles that people spent reading them
this measure killed my momentum
the blog had its day... that day has long since passed

this effort has been started... started... threw down some words... walked away... tried to return... tried and tried to return to finish this post... 

the Alleycat was in November... this is December
which means that this Race Report will miss details
while other details may not be memories
more assessments of the moment
how things could have been
rather than how they actually where

there are some bad photos and then my manifest
each of those will help with the process

back to the process
oh... snap... I need to get on something

alright... not sure what I typed
hours maybe days have passed since I wrote what is typed above
but yes... I did pull the photos off the SD Card
some settings were off... images were dark
was able to run the levels on them
some of the story comes back to surface
then also...
I grabbed the manifest from the day

a sip of Beam and Coke and a glance at the manifest has the memories of the days coming back

RACE REPORT: Pupusa Party Alleycat!!!                 
the All City Cosmic Stallion would be the bike to race on this day...
not skinny tires... still rocking some fat knobby gravel tires... but I like the cushion... like cruising in\on a Cadillac... they say Life is Better win a Cadillac...

my All City endurance road bike with its steel frame and clearance for over sized tires is pretty much in working order... not tuned to show room new perfection... but pretty solid at this moment in time... gears shift, brakes brake, and the wheels are almost straight... so no need for any last minute repairs or replacements...

simple and clean

air in the tires
clean and lube the chain
pulled out a variety of clothing for the day
backpack... belt and side pouch
LOCK... swapped out chain lock for U-Lock... as to carry less weight
pen... pens... SHARPIES in two colors
seems like I had the essentials for the day

what am I forgetting? am I bringing too much gear?
ADHD can confuse the process

then... since I am an over packer
I threw in a knit hat and a windbreaker for post race hangout comfort

Dario had been clear that the race START TIME was 2:30
it may have not been clear to potential racers, but the statement of registration and race time had been shared on the flyers
in my mind... with all the planning and the shorter days... Dario would be trying to start things on time
as the temperature was that of a cool fall day I did not want to arrive too early before the race release
so... I took my time and prepped my bike and get ready
looking to arrive... register... and race...
not looking to chill too long on a chilly day.

I rolled down to Logan Circle with an estimate to be there before the start... but not too early
when I arrived in the park I was excited to see so many family faces 
people were out in force
racers were ready to race

I registered and then touched based with some people as I went through the final stages of race prep

Dario and his young assistant Joshua collected the remaining race registrations as it got closer to 2:30... excitement was building around us...

then a familiar form rolled into the park
it was a fixed gear dude who I seen out and about making deliveries
I had snapped some shots of him and caught up a few months back
then also... I invited to the Dead City Alleycat
he was not able to attend...
then I invited him to Dario's Pupusa Party Alleycat
and well... here he was

no cash on hand... this never before Alleycat Racer offered PayPal or Vemmo
Dario just took his name and let him slide
he was in... in for his first Alleycat
a few more people registered and Dario started to corral the cats

bicycles were sent to one side of the park benches
registered racers were given manifests and then sent to touch the base of the statue at the center of Logan Circle
manifests were distributed in the order of registration
I waited... and I waited... waited to get a manifest... as I had not registered early... I would have to wait...
eventually I got a manifest and moved over to the base of the statue at the center of Logan Circle

sunglasses off and in the bag
readers on the face
I started to review the manifest

and the font size?
is the 12? can we kick it up? 14? 15? 

no... and the manifest is out of order
the manifest is out of order and the manifest is two sides


there I was nose in the manifest and it happened
Dario released the racers
not sure... it was all a blur 
people yelling... cowbells ringing... racers running
I walked to my bike still unsure where I was going to go or what I was going to do

there are many ways to play things
sometimes allegiances are made before the race start
other times allegiances are made along the way
sometimes when the strategy is unclear
it makes good sense to try and chase someone who might have a better idea how to approach things

honestly... I had not thought things that far through 
there have been times where I have left the race start intentionally following someone who I think might make a good first choice in the manifest
but not on this day
for some reason I had not thought that far ahead
I just thought I would play it straight and take it alone

so... not necessarily the last racer to leave the park but definitely not the first I was on the bike
I was on the bike and headed down P Street NW number streets counting down
I could see racers mashing ahead

where are racers going?
what did they think was the best first check point?
what was their logic? what was their plan?
did they have a plan?

why don't I have a plan?

two blocks from Logan Circle... I shouted out to the racer in front of me...
"where are you headed? what is your plan?"
he was not sure... so... I suggested... 
"let's knock out 1134 11th Street\11th and M Street and then figure out where we are headed..."
he agreed... so we hammered as fast as we could to get to that location

now... this was weeks ago and I have no recollection of the specifics
but the manifest reads SCAN QR CODE
so we did... and then to our amazement we got our instructions
a simple motion graphic of Dario's spinning head brought us both amusement and the actions that need to be completed at this check point

although I can not recall the specifics... I think it had to do with Pupusas 
no really... maybe I am not in the mood to tell this story
but really... there was something about Pupusas
I think we went across the street at took a photo
a photo of something Pupusa related

now we had to think
and at this moment
I believe we now had three people together examining the manifest
it was me... the guy who I had invited to the Alleycat whose name I did not know and then it was the person who I had shouted out to about the turn on 11th Street.. a person whom I had met before, but do not actually know...
so... three strangers reviewed the manifest together yet separate

I offered up my suggestions
not knowing what these other racers had to offer

it is not clear to me... it is as much a blur now as it was then..
I think it just made sense to knock out out the MLK Library stop and then Freedom Plaza
then... after that we decide how we plan to break down this manifest

with Sharpie in hand... I crossed out Checkpoints that I had knocked out... and made notations of what might be next and then after that...

the Georgetown checkpoint destination was already a big question mark for me
it seemed to me that I was leaning to head the opposite direction and figure that all out later
so... we took my plan... Capitol Hill now... Georgetown later... that could be the plan

Martin Luther King Library then Freedom Plaza
where were would review the manifest but would more than likely go with my initial intention of heading to The Hill next
yes... Capitol Hill after Freedom Plaza seemed to make sense

after the 11th and M Street destination we moved towards MLK Library
two kids on fixed gears and me
we hammered pretty good
weaving in and out of the car traffic
avoiding each other as we all tried to dodge dangers around us

easy enough... down 11th... onto Mass Ave then over to 9th Street
Ninth Street all the way to the MLK Library

we rolled onto the sidewalk at MLK
there was the realization that we had to go inside
I had a lock
I offered to lock up... but with the U Lock I could only get one other bike
this left the third person to lock their own bike
Brian Clark came out of the library as we entered 
there was a smile... an exchange... but Brian did not tell me any secrets... no truths revealed... we were racing against each other... Brian was pleased to have scored the MLK Prime... 15 Points! 15 Points that no one else could score!!! 

Brian Clark was out there... STRICTLY BUSINESS... rolling fast... rolling solo... out ahead of the pack with intent...

into the MLK Library... then up the stairs quickly realizing that the elevator would be a better idea than the stairs and then onto the roof to get a photo of the cowboy... 

photo of a cowboy?
Cowboy Curtis was now where to be found... 

then one of the guys I am racing with figures it out...
in front of the National Portrait Gallery
my former employer the Smithsonian
there is a statue of a man on a bucking horse

I shook my fist at the clouds as I screamed out Dario's name...

we snapped our photos and went on our way...
now... this would be a really really long race report if I gave a play by play of every check point and each and everyone of the bonuses at these various check points
so... I will skip around and blaze through some of this

we left out of MLK and headed straight for Freedom Plaza as was my plan
but really
I was scratching my head
what about Georgetown?
in this moment
what do I do?
what about Georgetown?
do we head for The Hill or Georgetown?

we did our Skateboard Challenge at Freedom Plaza then took off for The Hill
there was clear confusion
lots of racers arrived and left at similar times
not all heading the same way

Where had people been?
Where were people going?
Who was in the lead?
Who was already lost?

we were headed to The Hill
Burrito Brothers on Penn Avenue!

my old friend Chaka Freeman and Cita Sadeli aka Miss Chelove 

again... two kids on fixed gears and me
heavy me on my heavy bike
young light them on their light fixed gear bikes

later I would learn that Alexis' fixed gear is a SUB TEN POUND BIKE... COMPLETE!

we took the simple and clean route down Penn towards the US Capitol Building
there was some confusion
one of our riders took us down 7th towards Independence
I followed... rather than staying straight on Seventh and rolling all the way to Independence Alexis turned on Constitution... ????

slight as it may be... there was a slight backtrack
unless you took the sidewalk for a block
so... the guy in the lead kept to the street... I took the sidewalk by the National Gallery of Art
catching the leader on Third Street in between the East and West Wings of the National Gallery of Art
only cut off half of a city block... but it was needed to help me keep pace

oh man... this kid was hammering... it was early in the race... we were already RED LINING IT... which is funny... as the race was a POINTS RACE... speed and finishing time not as critical as points scored!

just behind me I could feel the third racer
he was fighting to keep pace with me as I was fighting to keep pace with our current pack leader Alexis

again... I deviated from our leaders path
as he went for Independence to the base of The Hill by the Botanical Gardens
I took the road between the Botanical Gardens and the Reflecting Pool on the US Capitol grounds
then the wrong way through the parking spaces up along the US Capitol Building as Alexis went up Independence Avenue proper along side the Rayburn, Longworth, and then Cannon office buildings...

just as I met up with the leader on 3rd Street
at the top of the hill by the Library of Congress
I had gotten infront of the faster rider
at the top of the hill as things flattened out in between the new and old Library of Congress buildings I was in the front of our three person pack
pulling up at Burrito Brothers before Alexis and the racer whose name I had not yet learned

as I pulled up on the sidewalk Brian Clark was coming out
I spazzed
asking Brian about the challenge
Brian answered... but I could not hear him... my eyes locked in on a BONUS... and well... I did not want to give up this BONUS to my competition... so... I went and completed the Burrito Brothers menu task without sharing the BONUS sticker location with Brian... Brian was ahead of us... and it would seem that Brian scored 15 points by being the first racer to the Cowboy Photo at MLK Library... that is 15 points that NO ONE ELSE CAN SCORE... there would be no gain for me to be generous to my competition!

Brian left off for the next check point solo... 

while I went back a block or two with these two fixed gear kids and we each took a photo of the US Capitol Building to get bonus points

so... BONUS POINTS SCORED we were back on the bike
without looking at the manifest "mirror tree" may have been the next
straight down Pennsylvania Avenue SE to 12th and Penn SE
"Mirror Tree?"
in my mind I thought... multiple convex mirrors but when we got to the gas station on the corner

sure... I know this... on the side of the CVS
I had just posted photos of this on Instagram
so... a quick photo of the Mirror Tree and then on our way

we were headed to Union Market for a Pupusa Checkpoint!

by this time I had learned one of the two fixed gear kids names
it was Alexis
Alexis and I had met before
Alexis is old friends with Dario... and then ontop of that... Alexis used to work for Capital BikeShare
Alexis worked at Capital BikeShare doing the same job that I do now

we pointed to Union Market...
now... here is a change in the tone
I had made some suggestions
but at this point
Alexis had some strong suggestions
now... there was something funny here
the Pupusa thing
Alexis KNEW were all the Pupusa locations were!
was it by address or sense of smell?
I do not know
Alexis was dialed in
but before that

the three of us were mashing hard
at this moment I was in the front carrying the pace
when at one point I felt it
I felt it
I was alone
I glanced back
no one was with me
so... I slowed... 
the light ahead at H Street was Red
so I would have to slow any how... but I started to slow sooner
then Alexis showed up along side of me
but where was our third guy... the guy whose name I had not yet learned

oh no... say it is not so...
no... not a crash... good... not a crash!
but a flat
oh shit... bummer... that is beat!!!
what to do?

well... usually I travel with spare tube\pump
shit... that is why I roll with the backpack instead of bareback 
but not on this day
and well...
what about our race?

decision made...
unfortunately... Alexis and I would race on
we could not help the racer behind us with the flat tire
so... we hammered forward

we got to Union Market
not sure why I did not realize this
but I did not take a selfie with Sean Carver
at that moment... I thought it was a Capital BikeShare thing
looking back... IT WAS A BONUS THING!
it was still early in the race
it was Alexis' first Alleycat
everyone was still trying to discover the dynamics of the relationship
after all... we just left their third guy a mile or so back with a flat tire

there were some allegiances... there was some team work... but there is also the undertone of EVERY RACER FOR THEMSELVES!

we were knocking out the manifest
the design was as I had intended
we left out of Logan Circle 
11th and M Street... MLK Library.... Freedom Plaza...
then onto THE HILL... clearing out everything on that side of town and then working our way back...

neglecting Georgetown... making sure to get everything before we left The Hill an headed over to NE with the intention of rolling over to U Street and Such
before going north to the Pupusa joints on Georgia and 14th

now... I know the streets
but Alexis
Alexis knew the Pupusa Spots
it was not clear if he had been to each of them or was using his sense of smell
but honestly... when we got to the part of the manifest that was filled with Pupusa Checkpoints
this was Alexis time to lead our trajectory

by this time we had a better understanding of the manifest and the bonuses
we had been told about the bonuses at the start
but later we learned that ALL of the checkpoints had a potential bonus
not SOME but ALL?
REALLY?!?!? SHIT???!!
we had not gotten a bonus at each and every only some


with the manifest out of order there was NO knowing how were doing in the race
yet Alexis was riding on the energy that we were in it to win it
we hammered hard 
at one point Alexis turned to me and gave me a fist bump as we motored down the road
with a wide smile he said TOP THREE!!! WE ARE GONNA LAND IN THE TOP THREE!

I laughed... as I knew that there were some people who have a long history of Alleycat Top Fives who were racing today... 
Brian Clark, DannyK, Bruce, Andy Zalan and Johnny Yo are all potential podium finishes
then the next tear of potential top five... Gabe Baby, Famous Amos, Nicole, and then wild cards like Nate or Bob... 
not sure how we would stack up against this set of racers
I like his attitude, energy, enthusiasm, and intensity

our loose allegiance had turned into more of a team
with our third racers off the back we focused on moving forward

sharing the order of the manifest
the next destination on the manifest
then sharing the solution to the riddles or bonus sticker at each check point
we each brought something to the table

by this time there was more of an understanding
there were QR codes to scan that gave us animated instructions to the task
then there were other stickers that had the instructions right here
in fact... Alexis had it down!

when there was a bonus for a sticker pick up in Latino Newspaper Boxes
Alexis was on it and in it... pulling two sticker out
and passing one off to me as we tried to make quick transitions 
at times other racers were along side of us... to his credit... Alexis did not make the bonuses obvious to our competitors

just as we had encountered Brian Clark at various stops at the start of our race
when we got up to the northern checkpoints we kept running into Johnny Yoe
Johnny was in a panic... his phone battery was gonna die
Johnny had a battery to charge from... but no phone cable
I had a charger and a cable... 
but...  I had had phone charging issues

woke to a dead phone and did a quick charge before heading down to the race
had the phone on the battery in Logan before the race

I hesitated... if I gave Johnny my cable... but I needed to charge my phone... my race would be over... 
well then... my generosity would be a foolish sacrifice
as it would end my race


we saw Johnny at one Pupusa spot... then another...
at the third encounter
I decided to share my cable... not the bonus sticker location... but my charger cable... my generosity would only go so far
it seems that Johnny was a potential podium spot
it would suck for him to lose due to a dead phone

so... I gave Johnny my phone cable and crossed my fingers that my phone battery would last through the race

there are a few other random details...

it is not clear when it happened...
it could have happened as early as Union Market
reviewing the manifest... trying to get a sense of our future checkpoints and our possible trajectory

there was one Checkpoint on the Manifest on 9th Street NW... WAY UP 9th St NW
it was not a selfie... but a question...
"How many Pupusas on the front sign?"
now... it is not usually my style...
as we plotted our departure from NE I thought about 9th Street
it seemed so far up and out of the way

I turned to Alexis...
and sure enough... Alexis took to the phone...
Perfect! Another Checkpoint Checked off the Manifest!


as we finished up the Pupusas on Upper 14th... not as far up as The Bull Bar... but Upper 14th
I thought about Georgetown
I thought about the clock
it was not clear about the finish

did we have unlimited time?
did we have to be a the finish spot by a certain time?

in Adams Morgan at a Pupusa Checkpoint we received some information
Opera Girl and her friend were working this Pupusas Spot
we had to eat a Pupusa as the challenge
YUMMY! but also challenging... I am hungry but not hungry... and it is not so easy to eat something fast on command... put me in front of the television at midnight... I could finish a dozen Pupusa before the opening credits of a movie started... but some things are more difficult on command

as I put the cabbage and sauce on my Pupusas I caught up with Opera Girl

How many racers have been through?
that sort of thing...
then we were told quick and to the point


a glance at the clock and we realized we did not have much time
maybe three checkpoints left
then the bonuses at these checkpoints

we still needed to go to Georgetown...

Selfie with Salvedorean Flag at the Embassy on 16th Street...

I Street
and then 

oh man... this was gonna be close!!!!
it was getting close to 5:30

earlier this fall the weekend before the CMWC
that is the Cycle Messenger World Championships which happened in NYC this year
yes... the weekend before the CMWC... the same weekend that I hosted the After Work Alleycat Bruce hosted a word game Alleycat

on this day the manifest was in order... LONG and in order...
then also...
at the start Bruce made it clear that the manifest had to be turned in at the finish at Malcom X Park by a certain time

on this day... and the manifest being in order played well into this...
on this day there was an unintentional allegiance that was formed
a number of Capital Bike Share Field Mechanics raced together
Dario, Vik, Nicole, and myself...
others may have been in the mix
but this was our core group
no mention of groupies or hanger ons

the CaBi Crew was racing together
an unofficial allegiance
not a team
no promises
nothing official

Dario was the self appointed team Captain
Vik and I pushed the Pace
Nicole tagged along
Vik was also the time clock
we had to watch the clock

we were rolling fast and did a time check
Vik gave us the time
it was cutting it close to the manifest hand in time
Dario made it clear... "I WANT A COMPLETE MANIFEST"
or something to that effect

it seemed reasonable... I was not sure what the penalties would be
but... I was willing to go with the momentum of the "team"
after all... Dario was more successful understanding the word problem riddle
for the most part... 
Dario was carrying the team

I may have contributed to trajectory\route to each check point
but I was useless in solving the word problems
my brain was just not there
it was too confusing for me in that moment
so I went with the flow
throwing in suggestions of answers when I could
but never going with an answer until it was agreed to by Dario

we had been watching the clock
we did a time check
it was approaching the time to hand in the manifest without penalty
Dario was intent on completing the manifest
I was game for that objective

we hammered to Georgetown...
two checkpoints
Chip Landis was Living the Dream as a Checkpoint Volunteer
I think we were the first and only people to go to this checkpoint
we thought that would count for something

but where was Nicole?

with the manifest complete it was back to Malcom X

Alleycats can be chaotic
it is not like a road race with a team, a coach, and a support crew
when the race is long... racers can get depleted
not many racers ride with water bottles or fuel
beer and pot is the Alleycat Racers fuel
and there was no time to stop for that
we were all starting to drag
which had Vik and I alternating with pushing the pace and pulling the team
but waterbottleless Dario was starting to lag

I made a hole shot and cleared a light gapping Vik and Dario behind me
rather than continuing onto the finish at Malcom X Park I waited...
then it happened again...
I made the light and they didn't
I waited again
this time Vik caught up but no Dario

there had been talk about the trajectory back to the upper deck at Malcom X
Dario had mentioned 18th Street
as Dario was looking for a less steep route
15th Street is more Steep than 16th
but Champlain to Kalorama is less steep than 18th Street and all the others
that is the way we went
but without Dario

long story short...
Nicole won the race!!!
She respected the time cut off and finished with the incomplete manifest with Dario's answers
saying... had all of us gone to the finish and finished at the same time
for all intensive purposes...
we would have tied for FIRST
but no...
we all finished pretty close to last.

which had me thinking...
now... I listened to Dario at the start
I did not believe that we HAD to be at the finish by a certain time
I recalled that he said when he expected to be there
never saying when we had to be there
I was also listening to my legs
my legs were taking the words of Opera Girl as truth
as Opera Girl told us as the Pupusa Checkpoint next to Capitol Hemp that we had to be at El Tamarindo by 5:30
even if I did not believe this to be entirely true
I had not believed that Alexis and myself were podium potential
so... I did not worry about the final few check points


we were at the end point 
and then we learned that...


Alexis came up to me all wide eyed and excited...

I was like 
"nah... don't worry about it"
as I did not feel that we would necessarily be Top Five Contenders

when actually...
had we gone and finished the manifest
we would have finished ONE TWO
but instead
we hung out as the manifests were scored

it was a great gathering at El Tamarindo
this spot is a DC Classic and it was our Alleycat Endpoint
we took over the outside tables
people gathered around the heaters to stay warm
while others rode skateboards in the alley
racers continued to roll in
as Dario scored manifests
we all ordered drinks and feasted on MORE PUPUSAS!



time passed as the manifests were scored
there was chatter and cheering as each individual was scored
Brian Clark was the first to finish and had a complete manifest
but... he left out after he arrived
which meant he had not yet been scored for the day
so as Dario scored the manifests there was chatter about who was in first and who was catching up

when it was my turn to be scored I enjoyed the interaction 
Dario was a supportive coach or an effective teacher
giving me verbal praise for each checkpoint and then each bonus
shouting over his shoulder as he went along


it continued and continued
more racers to be scored... no reason to celebrate until all the points were tallied

I walked away with a smile on my face
not knowing my final score or my current placing
just smiling from the day being done
as I never felt that I was in contention for the top five
even if Alexis had made the claim mid race

after all... it was Alexis' first Alleycat... what would he know about such things?

more time passed...
more racers arrived at the finish...
was that it?
we were done?

Dario gathered the racers and we had awards
and WHAT?!?!?

Sure enough... Alexis and I were TOP FIVE!
Somehow I manage to get SECOND!
it was the bonuses... it had to be the bonuses!!!
and Alexis was 4th... not clear on how we scored differently... especially with Alexis selfie with CaBi Field tech Shawn Carver

Bragging Rights and Righteous Prizes!
Good Times... Pupusas... and PRIZES!!!


the day did not finish...

after the awards people started to peel away
not sure where they went
there was a post race party at El Toro
cool... that is up 14h Street... on the way to my house

Nate and I left off for El Toro just as Jose and Amos rolled into the finish
almost panicked I unlocked my bike threw my bag over my shoulder 
bag feeling heavy with prizes I mounted up
fearing that there would be a change in the GENERAL CONTENDERS and maybe the FINAL FINISH PODIUM

but no...
there was discussion
there was drama
but there were no complete manifests
Amos and Jose did disrupt the Top Ten but not the Top Five

but yes... there was drama

onto El Toro
there were beers and games of pool
and the option for more Pupusas
it was quite a celebration

it was an interesting and unique Alleycat
for the most part it went smoothly
the rules of the game are often confusing
as it is organic
there has to be some logic and some reason

the manifest has to be as concise as possible
too many words
too confusing
simple and to the point

stating the obvious would blur some details that need to be told

but... a dry run is not the same as a race
the race with bonuses and checkpoints will take longer than a dry run
just not the same thing
so... difficult to estimate the fastest and the slowest racers


A Totally Pro Alleycat!
diverse and interesting check points and checkpoint challenges


I had some serious Salvadorean Pride when we were done
then on top of that
I brought Aluminum foil and Tupperware so I could bring home Pupusas for later!


Link to GWADZILLA PHOTOS on Facebook from Logan Circle Start

Paul Lagoy took Video and Stills
Paul Lagoy photos from the Pupusa Party Alleycat on Facebook
the majority of the images on this blog post are by Paul Lagoy 

a few more random thoughts..

it was a blast racing with Alexis
nothing phased him
not even losing his wallet
about halfway through our day Alexis had the realization that he had dropped his wallet
when? he was not sure... all he knew... it was gone
yet Alexis stayed positive and stayed in the race
and much to his shock... someone found his wallet and dropped it off at his house!

Alexis scores a 4th Place Finish and Gets His Wallet back... DOUBLE PRIZES!!!

thanks to our home town heros
THE SHOP and DON JUAN'S were both checkpoints in Dario's Pupusa Party Alleycat
while also being check points in The Dead City Alleycat

At Don Juan's Kelvin had various color Play Dough
racers had to make a Play Dough Pupusa

and then at The Shop
Caprice and Geoffrey were a check point pick up and then also were generous with the prizes

there were all sorts of volunteers
there were a number of checkpoints where people had to make and eat a Pupusa

the event was super cool
a great mixture of different style of checkpoints
there were selfies
there were QR code scans
there were pick ups

the race was both entertaining and challenging
lots of miles
lots and lots of miles
my legs were tired for a week