Thanksgiving is behind us... Christmas Holidays are just ahead... best to start planning sooner than later

the cousins...
the 2 New York Cousins
the 4 DC Cousins

my sons and my nephews
everyone in college
everyone home from college



okay... fire pit
fire pit will be part of the plan
there were two backyard fire pits
but the adults stayed indoors this year

there was a fire in the fireplace
the smoke in the house made it such that it was not worth it
or so my sons told me
I did not continue the fire in the fire place during the gathering

turkey and sides
yes... classic Thanksgiving

for years I had a Christmas Eve Tradition of Paella
but... not this year
lots of work
not feeling it

maybe Swanson has a Christmas dinner?
turkey... sides... and a dessert!

these photos are more of the same...

love getting the cousins together
love seeing the cousins together