BEST OF... DC's Top Five Dive Bars!

Gotta love the Lists
Lists can be helpful and fun!
I like to bring up lists as a form of discussion 
a list I enjoy discussing... DC's Top Dive Bars!

the list is a fun discussion... as it is always in question, "what qualifies a bar as a dive bar?"

What qualifies a bar as a Dive Bar?
Dive Bars tend to be less fancy and more down to earth
Dive Bars tend to have lower priced drinks and may lack some of the fancy cocktails
Dive Bars often have disgusting bathrooms, but I am not sure if that is a prerequisite 
Dive Bars tend to attract a local\neighborhood clientele 

really... I am not sure what constitutes a Dive Bar, but that can be part of the conversation

the list always grows past 5

The Raven in Mount Pleasant
Lyman's Tavern on 14th Street NW
Jackie Lee's on the 100 Block of Kennedy Street NW
Wonderland Ballroom (and Dew Drop Inn)
Slash Run (and Runaway)

Well... that is Five Plus!!!

as the discussion grows... so does the list...

the cleanliness of The Neptune Room as well as it being so new sort of keeps that spot as a "neighborhood bar" but people are not sure to grant it "Dive Bar" status

and then...
just as I did a mention of similar bars with the same owner as one Dive Bar
it seems that The Red Derby could be mentioned along side of Lyman's Tavern 

and then there are a number of bars that are palm to the head when they are mentioned

Dan's Cafe in Adams Morgan
ShowTime on Rhode Island Avenue (they have a house band on Sunday that will blow your mind)
The Pug on H Street
The Tune Inn on Penn Ave