seatbelts, bicycle helmets, common sense, parenting, and jobs

a week or so ago I started my day in the classic way
coffee and computer

as I sipped my coffee I toggled between Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and whatever other Social Media platform might offer me some endorphins

in my electronic travels while on Linked In I saw this post


I dig this stuff!
Kids on Bikes!
Families on Bikes!
People Traversing the City on Bikes rather than Cars

but... the helmet-less ride leader?

that seemed odd to me

having very little restraint on the computer
I posted my opinion
something about me not normally shaming a person for not wearing a helmet 
but in this case
well... I thought it was worthy of mention

now... I do not know this guy
we have overlaps and intersections
but really
I do not know this person

now... when I commented on the helmetless ride leader
I was making less of a statement about How to Parent
as maybe
how to behave as a representative of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation at the Federal Highway Administration 

bicycle helmets are like car seat belts

I was not shaming the father
I was shaming the employee

a worker in transportation
a worker in bicycle safety\transportation
leading a group ride without a helmet?

seems paradoxical to me

seems like flawed practice 
not wearing a helmet 
not guiding others through example


you need to not only talk the talk 
you need to walk the walk

lead through example
not just for children
but for all around you
if you are in bicycle\pedestrian safety
maybe acting in a safe manner would make sense

I really do not care
but I commented
and got a comment back that amused me
thought there would be some reflection
but no
a week later
another boastful post 
another ride lead without a helmet

cheers to this guy
peace to him and his family
the BIKE BUS is cool
even without the helmet

do we need bicycle helmets all the time?
I guess not... just like we do not need seat belts "all the time"
but to me
it just seems easy to just wear a helmet when riding a bicycle
just as it is easy to wear a seat belt whenever driving a car