DCCX 2023 is behind us... I did not race... I volunteered... one of my tasks... The Lil Belgians!!! Lil Belgians at DCCX!


16 Years of Cyclocross in the District!
for those many years... I have been part of the Lil Belgians
have we done Lil Belgians for all 16 Years?
We paused for Covid...
not sure if it has been since year one...
as a father to young kids I know that I was hosting these races at DCCX since we started hosting them

it is interesting
it may be a combination that I do not want to do anything else
no one else wants to do the Lil Belgians

this year I grabbed Tory and Pooch to help with the course design
the course is pretty much the same as it has been for the last many years
but... it is fun to try and tweak it... even if we just tweak it a Lil

ah yes...
designed a course and then mowed the course
created what I believed to be a fun and challenging course

not sure of the numbers
I guess I could take a look at the start line 
the top photo is racers gathering at the finish
so that is the not a good measure of the totals
maybe 1,000 lil Belgians?
it seemed like it...
maybe closer to 20
maybe just shy of 20

no injuries... no fatalities...
just some good racing

glad to be a part of this
glad that we have this as a part of DCCX

More Images can be found on the Gwadzilla Facebook page

and one more