Punk... Post Punk... I am not here to create a timeline...


Gen X from the Film DOA

last week a younger friend of mine made a statement to another person on Facebook about punk
in short saying that punk happened in the 90's
and that anything after that was "Post Punk"
well... I guess it may be a matter of perspective
but... there is also a history

and well... I am not a Punk Historian
heck... I am neither Punk nor Historian
but I have a vague understanding
punk was around for a long time before the 1990's
early Bowie...
Iggy and the Stooges...
the New York Dolls...
The Tuff Darts...
just a few bands that may have peaked in the early 70's

my feeling...
my belief...
Punk Peaked in 1977 
the film DOA that covers the Sex Pistols first American\World Tour comprises a good bit of it
or so it seems....
so much happened in those years

The Clash - The Buzzcocks - The Damned - The Ramones
I could go on...
then the subgeneras 
it goes on and on...

everything after this would be "Post Punk"
by 1981 most of this era had dissolved or morphed into something different

1981 could be the mark of the post punk movement called Hardcore Punk

the film American Hardcore describes how there were all of these cities in the United States where people were creating their version of HARDCORE PUNK
something slightly different than the 77 Punk thing
it all blends 
it also repeats itself
so it is hard to create a firm timeline
to put the 1990's as a peak for Punk?
definitely a version of punk... post post punk... and some pop punk for sure
not the peak of punk

DC had its Hardcore Punk scene with Dischord Records and whatnot...

I say...
someone could do well to do a deep dive
there are some great documentaries about DC Hardcore that talk about an era before the 90's
Salad Days
Punk the Capital
would be a great place to see that there was lots going on before the 90's
all of it slightly more PUNK than the Made in the Mall and Played on the Radio Mosh Pit at the Festival Punk of the later years