End of an Era... Park Road house has been SOLD! (or at least... it is under contract)


2025 Park Road in Mount Pleasant
a house I once called home

Lisa bought me out of the divorce
I have my own house and my own home now
but... it is still the closing of a chapter
but beyond my sentiment
and I have sentiment
I am not certain that the sale of the house was the best course of action for the boys and this house

not to get too into details...
I thought holding onto the house and living in a section and renting the rest
or renting the whole thing
renting as one massive house
rent the upstairs and rent the English basement
go ahead and rent the garage separately as well

but selling?
selling was one option
not what I believed to be the best option
an option that was sold as THE ONLY OPTION
all is well

I would have like to have done a walk through when they had the Open House
but I was in Boston at the Head of the Charles hanging with Dean and Grant

2025 Park Road as shown by Compass Realty
they really did a great job of white washing the 1911 out of that house