White Elephant Party... DCMTB's Bicycle Themed White Elephant Party


last night I attended the DCMTB Holiday Party
we have a fairly recent tradition of a White Elephant Party
a Bicycle Themed White Elephant Party

I created a stocking stuffer style Alleycat SWAG Bag!
some random items... bicycle items...
all from the boxes of Alleycat Prizes I have in the basement
the gift was poorly wrapped but well received
it was stolen TWICE!

what did I get?

I got a lump of coal!

a good number of items are there for the comedy sake

the photo shows a Golden Crank Arm
a prize that is not part of the team tradition

the humor of my White Elephant score is that I got what my brother brought
two very NEWISH 8 speed cassettes
I do have a number of bikes
not sure if I still have anything that is 8 speed

oh well...
I guess I got stuck
just as a number of us got stuck with something that we did not want
too many White Elephant jokes and not enough goodies
that said... it is all about the fun and not about the prizes
it was fun

Happy Holidays!

Great to see everyone...

Pooch, my brother, and myself have all been on this team for over two decades!