Car Driver on NextDoor... "let he who is without sin cast the first stone..."

NextDoor is HILARIOUS!
it is so funny to hear the opinions of the people around the city
the comments side with the car driver
the comments are clearly Anti-Bike
not an original thought

John White on Fox News telling his side of the story

the anti bike lobby immediately agrees with the ONE SIDED STORY of John White

when I hear the story of John White I hear the voice of a bully
driving their car in an entitled fashion
believing that he has more right to the road 
that the cyclist must clear the path so that he can pass

the use of the horn is never gentle
it is like giving someone the finger
can I gently give someone the finger?
I guess I can
but it is still giving someone the finger 

we had some back and forth on Next Door
the comments are hilarious
the Anti Bike Lobby jumps to John White's side
eating up his lies like candy 

the actions of the cyclist were brought about by the actions of the driver 

I am amused...
totally not amused...


turns out the driver's name is not John White 
but Frankie Sanderson
and funny...
he is a hair stylist and his hair piece is awful 
not fooling anyone with that cat on his head 

NBC Washington tells the same anti bike story 

I really need to start a GWADZILLA PODCAST
I could rant on this stuff
I just removed a comment on NEXTDOOR where I got ugly and personal