Buy Nothing... Family is the ORIGINAL Buy Nothing... went to my dad's house...


went to my father's house for an Easter gathering...

while I was there I was talking to my step mother
it is clear that they are already trying to downsize
they are trying to clear some stuff out
which is funny...
some people have everything
this couple has two of everything

as we were having post Easter dinner dessert 
as I sipped my coffee I mentioned to my step mother that earlier this week Dean (my post college age son) broke the hot water pot and the French Press...
leaving me without a coffee maker

sure enough...
she had a spare coffee maker that she was not using


then bonus...
went for broke
asked my dad if he had a lawn mower
which is funny... I do not think he has cut his own lawn in decades
but at one time he had a gas powered mower and an electric mower
sure enough
he had an electric mower that he had not used in years

I was able to walk away with an electric mower


Buy Nothing OLD SCHOOL!

Coffee Maker and Electric Lawn Mower (uses and extension cord)