I did not even have to go to Brightwood to go to Brightwood Pizza... but really I was trying to go to La Coop... (the punch line... I got held up on Kennedy Street... story below)

let me reread this
do a quick edit...

a little rant here -

a rant that was a topic of conversation before it happened
as tipping and the times is a popular topic


When do we tip?
When do we not tip?

we all want to be tipped in the appropriate situation
we do not want to be FORCED to tip in the inappropriate situation

Ski Lesson? Bicycle Mechanic? Mover? Flower Delivery? Food Delivery? Tour Guide? hair stylist\barber?

any service?
I think not... or maybe if the worker went above and beyond or met a deadline that was thought could not be met...

so... restaurants and bars have a known expected tipping protocol



we always go off the total
when it is supposed to be 15-20 percent of the pre-tax bill

today we got the treatment

woke to a beautiful spring day in the District went for an urban dog walk with recently graduated from college son Dean and Didg the dog
checked to see if la Coop was open as I had heard word that it was at risk of closing

sure enough-
checked on line... La Coop has CLOSED - the cute house off Kennedy and First was closed for business, but it said that La Coop has a Pop Up at a spot on the 700 block of Kennedy Street at the cider spot

so... Dean and I walked Didg on a loop we do not normally travel
rather than the woods... we took to the street
on leash instead of running free
it is good to mix it up

we walked past our Cheapie Chinese Spot... Twin Dragon
then past our favorite Caribbean Joint... Andrenne's

coffee was the mission... I was headed to walk the dog and get Dean a coffee

I had glanced at the web to confirm that La Coop was now closed... but saw that there was a pop up at Brightwood Pizza and Bottle... but I did not look close enough...

the La Coop pop up closed at 1... but we were there... so... we figured we would get some lunch and whatever they had in the way of coffee... even if the pop up had closed

so... Brightwood Pizza and Bottle it would be...
the menu had all sorts to Pizza options as well as a few sandwich options... as Dean went to go wash his hands in the bathroom I scanned the menu...

I do not think that this Pizza or Bottle are in Brightwood
not sure... but I think that the Brightwood border ends at Kennedy and Georgia a few blocks away...

it was a beautiful spring day...
the most beautiful of days!
no humidity... no bugs... strong sun... cool breeze...
seemed like a good day to eat at a sidewalk cafe

the staff was friendly... the two people working there were dog friendly... it was a cozy atmosphere... Dean and I ordered two sandwiches and a coffee for Dean... we asked for water... then they rang it up... it was then that we were informed... there would be a 22 percent service charge

there was hesitancy... we were there... no reason to back out now... but what? 22 Percent Service Fee?

a 22 Percent Service Fee?

as the woman informed us about the service fee... we were pointed to the water station... WHAT? What is the Service? No Table Service? No Wait Service?

What was the 22 percent for?

and that was 22 Percent most definitely POST TAX!

But for what?
what is the service that they are completing?
taking our order?
making our sandwich?



SELL THAT SANDWICH FOR 20 Bucks instead of 16 and then a HIDDEN FEE!

instead of a bullshit policy of a service charge for a service that you are not completing

seating us at a table and then taking our order could be consider being a service... but they did not do that...
cleaning or clearing a table could be a service... but they did not do that...
bringing water to the table may be a service... but they did not do that...
checking in to see how we are doing and if we want to order anything else could be a service... but they did not do that...

just like taking an order, making the sandwich, bringing the sandwich to the table... those are all BASIC SERVICES... not services that merit a SERVICE FEE... without those services... there is no transaction...

the water station was nearly empty... had to tilt the water cooler to fill the glasses... wanted more water halfway through my meal... but did not get it... for fear that it would have been empty... and really... it should not be a situation where I need to tilt the water cooler to get the last drops of water... come on...

Dean and I laughed... those were DATE PRICES!

but really... JUST CHARGE WHAT YOU WANT TO CHARGE instead of a bullshit hidden fee as you are about to swipe the credit card

would I buy that sandwich for 20 bucks?


I enjoyed the sandwich... but it was no 20 dollar sandwich
and the service charge

the service was basic
12 percent would have been generous

22 percent service charge for the less than basic service
not enough water
no napkins
no service other than the basic service

and then naming a restaurant after the adjacent neighborhood is idiotic

anybody with any sense would have named it KENNEDY STREET PIZZA AND BOTTLE...

my take away as I walked away from this white oasis in an area where the seeds of gentrification are in place was that these prices will keep the locals out... not really a neighborhood pizza joint

the real locals will not frequent this place and the new condo owners will

Kennedy Street Pizza would be awesome

Brightwood Pizza and Bottle was a let down

we could have gotten more for our money at Parkway Deli

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