It takes a village... just as family is the original Buy Nothing... Buy Nothing is a community that we all need now... not just for the free stuff... but for the connection to others

Dapper Dave 
Dave and his Classic Ride

most recently...
I have only seen Dave on foot
always enjoy seeing Dave
last time I saw Dave we had a nice exchange
he asked me how I was doing and I said
"eh, life is life..."
and asked how he was doing... he smiled... laughed... and responded
"life is life"
we continued and it turns out he is dealing with aging parents
my parents are still healthy for their age
but... my personal day to day is not as good as it could be
friends can be a cure all
definitely an anti depressant of sorts

let week I got laid off from my bike mechanic job

that sucks

being scared... worried... anxious...
I immediately reached out to my local Buy Nothing group on Facebook
telling my neighbors that I have been laid off and am looking for work
but in the meantime
I was wondering if anyone had any old bicycles to donate that I could fix up and sell to try and sustain
and well
my neighbors have a few bikes to offer
enough to replace a job?
hopefully I can make enough money to eat, pay my bills, and not lose my house

I had to fight going into a rant about why I was laid off...
just as I rant about my divorce that happened a decade ago...
I fought it... I need to fight it... these rants are not productive
just a loop
I need to stay out of the loop

life is life
and well
I need to deal with it

thank you supportive neighbors
thank you modern times for happy accidents like the Buy Nothing Group on Facebook