looking at some old images... trying to get some momentum... considering doing a KickStarter to help out with the project...

I have photos... lots of digital photos
hard drives... computers... SD Cards... 
I have photos of people on bikes in Washington DC

the photos are interesting
they tell a story
a story of a different time 

the photos here are just a few I pulled up
a few different female bicycle messengers

the photos bring back memories

some of these people have left the area
all have left this industry 

I am not sure of the current moment
we have all aged 

cracks me up seeing these photos
they tickle my brain
reminding me of a different time
a time that feels like the actions of a different person
because those moments are so different from my current everyday

all three of these women KILLED IT ON THE STREETS!

I knew these people
but never knew them that well
as I was messenger adjacent
not really part of the messenger world or the messenger scene