Working on a Bicycle Photo Book... or two... or three... or four... time pending...


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not working has given me a minute to recover from a job that was physically exhausting
but not economically rewarding
taking a sabbatical of sorts
catching up on things around the house
catching up on life
trying to organize my photos to create a photo book

I have already devoted a month of time to gathering images
there are so many images
unfortunately... I fear many photos maybe lost
but there are still enough photos for a Photo Book 

or maybe several photo books

going through all sorts of various hard drives
collecting and organizing photos

the labor of love continues
it is laborious
not sure if I love it
but I must
or why would I do it?

digging through all sorts of old images
memories come to surface

working on creating a GoFundMe
thought about KickStarter
but the Rewards Campaign sounded like a Second Job
creating the photo books will be job enough

will people donate money to my GoFundMe?
will the readers of Gwadzilla come out of the woodwork and show me some support?
time will tell
guess I need to try