some stuff from the POST

etjb sent me these links to The Post...

cycling in nyc... friendlier than you would think
not to mention... you get there in a new york minute!

10 great biking cities...
did you expect DC to be listed?
is cycling legal in washington dc?

homeless man uses bike as weapon...
do you think that he should get some sort of medical attention instead of "hard time?"
I am certain that there are more violent crimes occurring daily with less punishment
when I think of it...
I get run off the road by car drivers using their SUVs as a weapon
and well... they get to go home to their suburban sprawl and their satelitte dishes

a Post article on Yoga today
makes me realize I need to get back in the routine

gwadzilla link to the Jerusalem Post article about riding bikes on carless streets on Yom Kippur

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