hair often becomes a topic when this cyclist is mentioned

hair often becomes a topic when this cyclist is mentioned
guess this may cause a buzz in some superficial cycling conversations
including mine

the slideshow is fun
I was expecting some coloring and a trim
not the baldy sour...

change is good

not sure if this guy needed a change
guess we can all improve

from across the parking lot
from the back of the pack
this guy (and that gal) looks like they are on a roll
not just on the bikes as mr and mrs fastest lap
but as a couple who likes to push there personal limits, inspire each other, and enjoy life
remember... this the site of a stranger in the distance

there is an energy given off by these people
even in the distance I can pick up on it

I wonder if he is going to upgrade his eyeware to go with his upgraded haircut?
these concerns from a man with a bald head and 20/20 vision

here is a gwadzilla archive with a great image by kevin dillard and a link to a great picture of mr. and mrs. fastest lap

more haircut pictures
gwadzilla with hair
great archive


Anonymous said...

How much do you think that thing would fetch on Ebay?

gwadzilla said...

good question!

start the bidding...

those locks have blown in the wind of so many great rides and great race

I wonder if that hair holds the power of samsom?

the future will tell

gwadzilla said...

I wonder if people know who he is...

I wonder if people care...

on the east coast race scene among the old folks.. among the cross racers
this guy is sort of a legend

lots of miles on those legs!
lots of fast and furious miles

fastest lap at Big Bear!
4th place in his class at the Cyclocross Nationals!
wonder what he feels last year's season highlight was...

Anonymous said...

wow..nice vintage shots.
David Lee Roth length hair.
I could never get my
hair to grow that long.