yoga at the city bikes shop

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sunday was started with a yoga class at city bikes in adams morgan
the class is a private meeting for city bikes employees
but the invite was extended to members of dcmtb/city bikes mountain bike team

this was my only work out of the weekend
sure I chased my kids around... which can be exhausting
but chasing the kids around does not quailfy as exercise
sure a heart rate monitor would show an elevated heart rate for an extended period
but that tends to be more out of frustration than an aerobic work out

good to see bernie
great to take his class
his instruction style is very hands on
yoga is an amazing work out
left feeling energized for the rest of the day
my body felt much more aligned/balanced
yoga is good for the body and good for the soul


Scott Hughes said...

I do triathlons (which includes biking) and Yoga, but I've never done Yoga in a bike shop.

I think chasing kids around can qualify as exercise. :)

Oh yeah, you might like the Yoga Discussion Forums.


gwadzilla said...


will check that yoga forum out

as I have some questions about yoga specific moves for cyclists