the pumpkin circle.. the life cycle of the pumpkin

the pumpkin circle

the pumpkin circle
a story about the life cycle of the pumpkin
which of course is a story about the life and death of the pumpkin

this week I learned that the author and the creator of the book/film The Pumpkin Circle died
I am not sure how
nor am I sure exactly when
this death makes me very sad
george levinson was a very special man
a young and semingly healthy man at that

it makes me sad because george was my friend tim's father inlaw
I met george once at tim's wedding at their home in santa cruz
the wedding and reception was held on the same land where the pumpkins were grown and this film was made
george's family invited me into their home and made me feel like family
I met this man and I felt a tingle of inspiration
when george shared with me his pumpkin movie that tingle inspiration grew
george was someone I looked forward to congregating with again

the thought of his death makes me sad
not so much for me
but more for george and his family
as my friend tim and his wife rys are parents
it saddens me that their children will not get to grow in a world with this special man as their grandfather

I have george's films on VHS
I had intend on upgrading my levinson collection to dvd and donating my vhs copies to the library at my son's school
I think I should still do that

george I am sorry that your life was cut short
george I am glad that I had a chance to meet you
george I am sorry if you had projects you wanted to finish before your time was up

I am not sure if I understand life enough to try and talk about the circle of life
nor will I try

george if there is a heaven or another world where the dead get to look down on the living I hope you get great joy in watching your family grow
even if you are not there to hold them in your arms
I am sure that they can feel your love
peace be with you

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