the marcus cook award

the marcus cook award...

I had never heard of marcus cook
nor had I ever heard of the marcus cook award
but after some very interesting conversation with a vetran of the streets a dc messenger named larry I had some pretty good background on the history of marcus cook and this award

enough information that the topic and some of the specifics stuck through the night of drinking on through to the next day

here it is the next day
so I google marcus cook... then the marcus cook award
moving target magazine has some information on the marcus cook award
messenger.org has the skinny on the winners since its inception

last night I ran into AZ
he was headed out of the door as I was headed was headed in

we chatted enough to get the information that the alleycat of the afternoon earlier that day went well
it was a fun course that he happened to finish in the number one slot
our conversation was disrupted as Harper hazed AZ for drafting on a long straight away
it was all pretty comical
AZ made no mention of the Marcus Cook award... there was not enough time for all the boasting
not to mention AZ looked like he was already about to pull a muscle patting his own back
he did make some complaints about his lips going numb from tooting his own trumpet

rebecca "lambchop" reilly held the marcus cook award for 1999
it was rebecca reilly that started the DC Solidarity Rides

also in talking with old school larry I learned that Marcus Cook's life was cut tragically short underneath a truck
in that tangent of death on the bicycle I learned that a face from another time suffered an injury that I had never known
there was a wild haired messenger named lee who was a bit of a bit of a big haired rock and roller
this guy moved at a serious pace on a standard beach cruiser... in an age long before the boutique single speed
while zipping around town on this unmodified cruiser he belted out his songs letting the wind blow back his long blond mane
apparently this boat living non-conformist had a nasty run in with a large pipe hanging off a pickup truck as he cornered downhill at great speed
I will see if I can find more information on this as well

it was an awesome party
meredith tends to host some pretty spectacular house parties
there was all sorts of food
great food... but a little scare on the side of the meat
byron was spinning some vinyl
all sorts of people were dancing

I connected with a wide variety of people
walked away feeling pretty good about the night


Demon Cats images from the series
a piece of the puzzle which is the story of the Destination Dublin Alleycat series

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Meredith said...

Thanks for the props on the party. It makes me feel good to know that people are thinking about the party even later this week and thinking about what a great time everyone had. Oh, it was Brian P. on the 1s and 2s.
And I bet the meat wasn't even missed! :)