an odd email...

this morning when checking my emails I got a strange email
that email had someone else's name in the SUBJECT LINE
I knew the name in the SUBJECT LINE... he is a person from the neighborhood... it was the name of someone on our neighborhood coucil (ANC)

at first I was going to overlook that email thinking it was SPAM
curiosity got the best of me... interesting SPAM often gets my attention
even if it is addressed to my dog
or in this case... to another person from the neighborhood

so... I opened this email and it offered a short question and then was followed by the author's name and home address
here is the message... I will withhold the address

Why do you ignore the leash laws in Mount Pleasant ? I would like a response please.

this was my response

Dear Sir (I actually included their name in the email)

I am not the person you had in the subject line (I actually just typed their name)

in answer to your question...
we live in a society where laws are created with an understanding of flexibility...

why not start with this...

do you own a car?
do you ever exceed 25 MPH in a 25MPH zone?

then when walking...
do you ever cross the street at any point on the street where there is no cross walk?
have you ever cross the street when it says don't walk?

well.... it is pretty similar to this
that is...
I respect the law and I respect others

I try to live my life with common sense and common courtesy

I have grown to understand that there is an excepted parameter of bending the law

does that help you out at all?

enjoy your day

I do not think that the person in the subject line (again I actually just typed that name) owns a dog

as a father I battle with some of these issues
the conflict of teaching a child to obey the rules
when the adults of our society are so prone to interpreting the law

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

as a kid we lost our cat to a dog that should've been on a leash. as someone with small kids i don't think you'd want someone with an unpredictable dog and no leash near your children.

i agree with the common sense thing. most dog owners know their dogs pretty well, and wouldn't intentionally put anyone in a bad situation. but dogs don't have common sense, and that's why there are leash laws. for your dog's safety as much as everyone else's please use a leash.

p.s. i'm not the author of the original email and i don't live in your neighborhood.