Note to the SW Bid about Scooters Parking at the Capital Gallery Bicycle Racks

Good Morning SW Bid-

I am a bicycle commuter…. Rain, snow, sleet, fog, and yesterday’s wind and I am riding my bicycle to work.

There is a shortage of bicycle parking.

Here at Capital Gallery we have an issue with MOTOR SCOOTERS taking up Bicycle Parking…
While this may or may not be legal… I am not sure if it is logical.
The Scooters take up two bicycle spots… now… where are the bicycles to park?

Now… it may be legal for the scooter to park there… but it is not legal for a motorized vehicle to drive on the sidewalk.
And then
It is not fair to the cyclist that it loses bicycle parking to the scooters.

I think that there are two SW Bid employees parking in the bike parking at Capital Gallery.
Can you ask them to park their motorscooters elsewhere?

Appreciate it
Joel Gwadz

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