for a second...

well... maybe not slacking... but letting some things slip through the cracks
it is hard to do it all... trying to catch up on some things

so... here is some background

in August I broke my Jamis Exile 29er Single Speed frame... it broke at the weld... I contacted Jonathan and the crew at The Family Bike Shop
they said no problem... bring by the frame... we will take a look at it and contact Jamis
so they got in touch with the folks at Jamis

in what seemed like under a week I get word from Jonathan that he had my warranty replacement frame at the shop


that is why you go with a bicycle manufacturer that you believe in
that is why you work with a bicycle shop that you believe in
you want them there when you need them

I have owned a number of Jamis bicycles and loved them...
it is not just the love of the bike but also the company as a whole
Jamis Bikes is a company that builds a product that may well be the best deal in the shop
competitive bicycles at competitive prices!

well built bikes with good specs and solid prices
that is how I see Jamis Bikes

my Jamis Nova which is a few years old is a righteous steel frame that I absolutely love
although I raced my Specialized Tri Cross this year... the Jamis Nova is still race worthy... it just needs some TLC in the stand
and this Jamis Exile... oh my god... a race ready single speed out of the box
sure I swapped out the rigid fork for the Rock Shock REBA
but everything else remained stock... well... until things wore out the parts held up
everything from the wheels to the cranks... it all got hammered and it all has held up
nothing more than the standard wear and tear

other than standard wear and tear everything held up

well... held up until the frame broke with doing one of the Cranky Monkey Races at Schaeffer Farms

the frame...
well... I think they may have had a bad bunch of bikes in the
a few other friends of mine had the same bikes purchased in the same era and broke them in the same place
these things happen
both of these guy were also stoked to have their cracked framed covered over warranty

I am SUPER STOKED that they hooked me up with a replacement frame
I look forward to building that thing up and getting back into the woods on it

now... it is funny... so all this happened in the early fall just as cyclocross season was starting
cyclocross season and kid soccer season
which had me totally flake on picking up that frame until this week
it looks sweet!

Ryan at The Family Bike Shop chased the threads in the bottom bracket... Tyler sold me a slightly used bottom bracket at a decent price... and Jonathan popped in the cups
for my old headset
all after that frame taking up space in their shop for the last couple of months
maybe it was time for me to get that bike out of the shop

I totally appreciate good companies... good businesses... and good products
they all dance well together

The Family Bike Shop is a super solid shop is an all around shop... from a person's first bike to a person's first race bike... and beyond
The Family Bike Shop is a well stocked shop with a super staff... skilled mechanics and knowledgeable staff... knowledgeable and personable...

while poking my eye around the shop I did notice a sweet Giant full suspension 29er! and some other good looking machines
including the Strider Push Bikes... which I think would be a great Christmas Gift for a kid to find under the Christmas Tree

Race Report about breaking that frame
Photos from before... here
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