this versus that...

this seems like a situation of this versus that...

a few weeks back I got an email in my INBOX from SPORTSTAGID
it was a shout out to let people know about their association with BIKE PURE

after a glance at the Bike Pure page I sent a message back to the folks at SPORTSTAGID letting them know about my recent hook up from the people at Road ID



more than likely they gave it less than a glance
but instead responded back offering me up a FREE SportsTagID
it seemed like a good chance to compare the two products

in roughly a week's time a package came in the mail
it was the SportsTagID wrist band with my personal information inscribed on the metal tag

I tore open the package with... well... with a little less enthusiasm than I had torn open the RoadID delivery... in part because RoadId hooked me and my family up with all sorts of RoadId stuff... and partially... because I already had a wrist band with essentially the same information

this started a classic debate
a debate that falls into line with Coke vs. Pepsi, Canon vs. Nikon, Trek vs. Specialized,
or even Shimano vs. Campagnolo


it was nice...
the directions were simple and clear... sure I was already familiar with the process
but still nice clear instructions
I cut the silicone band to size and then wore the two wrist bands along side of each other to conduct a little R&D

in my day to day travels I carried on discussions with anyone who would listen
cyclists and non-cyclists

I got a wide variety of responses
not documenting the responses I can not give an accurate measure of the which wrist band scored better
but I did feel as if it all came down to a matter of personal preference
as lots of responses contradicted the previous responders opinion

the wrist bands are very similar yet subtly different
and in ways other than just the band color selection

the silicone bands appeared to be the same... but I have been told that they are different... apparently the SportsTagID adjusts to your body temperature in 3 Seconds! not sure of the adjustment time of the RoadId
both band had a similar feet to them
each was as weightless and comfortable as a LIVESTRONG or LIVEWRONG bracelet

then the different clasps....
there were people who sided with one clasp while others sided with the other

sure the RoadId has a more complex clasp... but neither is such that it can not be manipulated with one hand
I have been told that the SportsTagID's simple one pin design is stronger... but I have not had any issue with my ROADID clasp
perhaps over time I will experience one to break before the other through use or abuse
so far... each clasp remains as solid as the day they arrived

the metal tag itself... again... very similar... but clearly different
the two products used different fonts... and the metals are different tones
SportsTagID has a bright polished silver look while RoadID is more of a subtle brushed metal look
one may prefer one while someone may prefer the other
then different fonts... it was not definitive which font was easier to read on which metal clip
I had people selecting one and then other people selecting the other as being more easy to read
some people like how the polished metal contrasted the black lettering
while others like that the brushed metal sat a little more in the background

it really did seem like it was the classic Coke vs Pepsi debate that comes down to personal preference

I am partial to the RoadID
is it because they hooked me up with more stuff?
yes... no... maybe so?
no, it is not because of the hook up... it is about the basic tone of the over all product
I like the subtle brushed metal and the slightly less obvious text
there is something about the RoadId that makes it feel a little more "elegant"

as if I can wear the RoadId everyday in all situations
on the bike or in a suit

also... lastly... presentation
I am not sure how the SportsTagId is delivered to people
mine came in bubble wrap in an envelope
while the Road ID arrived in a metal box with the Road ID logo embossed on top within an envelop with some glossy literature and order information
RoadID seemed like a more significant purchase... there was a certain tone to the product... the ELITE wrist band does in fact have an elite feel to it

okay.. this is lastly...
the slick design does not stop at the packaging
check the web pages
these pages are operating on a different level



RoadId has a much more professional web page
SportsTagId is slow to load and has a far less modern looking page

it seems like there is a five dollar discrepancy between the two products
that is negligible
as a consumer... if I were shopping for a product
the quality of the web page could be enough to sway me in one direction or another

I have been told by the people at SportsTagID that their wrist band is shipped and delivered differently than I received mine... so... I will post again if I get their product delivered as it arrives to average customers

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