Lecture at MLK Library in DC... Glen E. Friedman and Ian MacKaye discuss Glen E.'s new book of Black Flag Photos...

last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a talk with photographer Glen E. Friedman and documentarian\musician Ian MacKaye as they talked about Glen E. new book WHAT I SEE

WHAT I SEE isa collection of Glen E. Friedman's Black Flag band photos
Ian MacKaye was the photo editor for this project
the two gathered on stage to reminisce

as it turns out... the two of them are old friends
their life paths had parallel lines
lots of unions and intersections
meeting early on in their careers and then again and again...

it was a cool event
hats off to the MKL Library and all those involved
it was a cool event that was well attended
not sold out
yet pretty well filled the auditorium
books were purchased 
books were signed

Ian and Glen E. played well off each other...

this is not their first rodeo
Ian had home court advantage

it seemed that Ian lead in this dance

I was THERE!
fun night for me and all sorts of friends from that era

It was really a great lecture
but... and there is a but
BUT... I feel that there could have been more photos in the rotation
sure... I get it... Glen E. wants to sell his book... this book
but still...
I think they cycled through three or four photos total


I think not... the people buying the book knew they were buying the book
getting the book signed is part of the day 

that said... I think that Glen E. Friedman and Ian MacKaye could do a different or another lecture for DC
Glen E. has taken so many photos in DC over the past few decades
and well...
I think there are many stories to be told

maybe they could do an alternate lecture where they give a more general talk and plug multiple Glen E. Friedman Books?
maybe a future show at Lost Origins Gallery in Mount Pleasant?

to just go over the history of photos with Ian
there were live band shots... album cover photo shoots... and skateboard images

just as Glen E. Friedman took photos of the West Coast Z Boys
Glen. E Friedman also took some photos of the East Coast A Town skaters and the Cedar Crest era as well

Skateboarding and Punk Rock DC Style!
Glen E. Friedman captured enough of it to tell a story

there are images in the WHAT I SEE book from the Black Flag Pierce Hall Show
that night is a story in its self
the opening band... each member of the band completely nude except for cock rings
yes... I said member
band members
the opening band comprised of the Black Flag Roadies went by the name Nig Heist... they were their to AMP UP THE CROWD... and well... they did just that...
the night was epic... 
there are stories to be told?

What happened in the bathroom with the broken marble stall?
Who did it? What happened to them?
Was there violence issued by key players in the Dischord scene?
is this a story that should be told?
is this a story that should not be told?

I have a scar on the back of my head
apparently Henry kicked me in the back of the head while I was doing a stage dive
in all the energy of the moment I was not aware of the specifics
at school the following days I was told of the moment
then also... this was the first time in "the pit" for a few of my younger friends
I in a friendly big brother sort of way "pushed them into the pool"
as sort of a "come on... jump in... the water is fine"
when I pushed them into the mosh pit
they were two or three rows back
so when I pushed them into the pit... I also pushed Ian Mackaye and a few others into the pit

Ian gave a stern disapproving look... but really 
he was just incidental... I was not aware of his presence... just my young friends

there are stories to be told
so many stories
stories from that night
stories from each and every DC band photo shoot

Ian with the Toke Team at the A-Town Ramp

here is a shot of Ian with Pat Clark
well... I am almost certain it is Pat Clark

now... I did not know Pat Clark... just knew of him...
he was friends with friends of mine
and much like many of the skaters in this group
sadly... Pat Clark passed away this fall...

below is this image of Pat Clark and Tim Whistler on the cover of Thrasher Magazine while skating at Cedar Crest Country Club

chase that link to clips from the film

and then another documentary...

then of course...
there is this epic image in front of Dischord House
yes... Glen E. Friedman took it
their last show
the only Minor Threat Show that I have ever attended

Glen E. 's work is ICONIC
going beyond punk and skateboarding
yet staying true to his subculture roots

amazing collection of photos
thanks Glen E. Friedman for capturing these images as you did

Glen E. Friedman and his Iconic Images on Iconic Rap\Hip Hop Album Covers